Literature review on microfinance banks in nigeria

African Journal of Entrepreneurship, 1 1 Since the religious precepts of many people in that part make them abhor interest on loans, the banks should provide them with interest free loans.

It was therefore to make up for the shortfall in the financing of the entrepreneurial poor and their small businesses that microfinance banks were established. This is to ensure that they do not drag the subsector under as was the case of previous microfinance schemes of government.

Bullion, 32 1The coming into place of microfinance democratic dispensation in has literally halted the huge government subvention that hitherto was given to FEAP. Alternative Microfinancing Model for Nigeria. African Journal of Entrepreneurship, 1 3To qualify for a microfinance license an existing community bank was required to increase its paid-up capital from N5m to N20m.

Literature review of microfinance bank in nigeria

These approaches may have sufficed in the traditional society but the growth in the sophistication of the economy and the increasing incidence of poverty among citizens has revealed the shortcomings of this approach.

In addition to these, the banks are further inhibited by corruption, frauds and forgeries and poor corporate governance.

What is microfinance?

Another prevalent problem among microfinance banks is the copying, competing and mimicking the practices of commercial banks. Prospects of Microfinance Banking in Nigeria 5. A major consequence of a large informal sector is difficulty in economic management. I t has to be three to five pages long.

Journal of Business Management, 1 1Many of these challenges are still bedevilling microfinance banking. Banana hearts are used as vegetables in South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine, either raw or steamed with dips or cooked in soups, curries and fried foods.

Expert Seeks Review Of Microfinance Banks’ Framework

Policy, Practice and Potential. The capacity building for the practitioners which the CBN and NDIC are undertaking is a welcome development nigeria should be extended to the Board of Nigeria of these banks. Even presently there are no solid criteria for the opening and closing of branches but political considerations.

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According to[23] one of the major problems of the microfinance sub-sector is recruitment of effective and appropriate manpower. Frauds and forgeries by both insiders and outsiders to the banks are rife and people generally obtain loans with no intention to repay.

Microfinance Banks in Nigeria As already noted microfinance banks were founded because of the perceived deficiencies in the existing financing schemes for the poor and small businesses. To these staff microfinance banking is just an extension of the commercial banking they know.

The gap in this subsector was further demonstrated by[6] when it showed that microcredit facilities in Nigeria account for about 0. Impact Analysis of Microfinance in Nigeria Babajide Abiola (Corresponding author) Literature Review Microfinance is the provision of financial service to the economically active poor who are hitherto un-served by the microfinance banks, the highest concentration in the country, 74 of them have obtained their final license, while.

II. Literature Review microfinance banks in Nigeria can facilitate the growth of technopreneurs by serving as a relatively cheap source of funds to small scale businesses, providing access to financial guaranty for loans that is easily accessible to small scale businesses, reinforcing responsibility, repayment discipline and reinforcing the.


Literature Review Microfinance is the provision of financial services to the poor who are traditionally not served by the conventional banks [5],[6],[7]. However, since the introduction of microfinance in the country, an increase has been noticed both in the growth of the economy and also in the increase in number of microfinance institutions.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is saddled with the responsibility of issuing banking license and supervision of banks in the country, Micro-finance. This literature review study was to explore information from multiple authors and studies on Determining Sustainable Strategies for Directors of Microfinance Banks in Nigeria in other to indoctrinate management best practices in Microfinance banks.

Microfinance banks in Ogun state in Nigeria to empirically provide insights into investment in human capital and study is divided into five sections. Section one above presents the introduction.

Literature Review .

Literature review on microfinance banks in nigeria
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