Litreature review on banking

Pay attention to the structure of your literature review on internet banking as to guarantee that this will be of top quality. An empirical analysis of Indian loan market. The rule for an administered interest rate has been resulted in financial intermediation of low-quality and high-cost, and the preemption of a huge amount of bank deposits result in the form of reserves.

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How to Write the Introduction of a Review of Related Literature In order to make the Introduction elaborately, take the following steps: Bibliographhy lists 20 sources. It is a paper written just for you and according to your specifications by a subject matter expert.

The analysis of the results received suggest that the banks public and private are equally affected by the kind of CRM initiative they undertake.

Georgewas founded in at GenoaItaly. Summarize the contributions of the literature sources made to the area of study you investigate. The promissory notes developed into an assignable instrument which could circulate as a safe and convenient form of money backed by the goldsmith's promise to pay, [6] allowing goldsmiths to advance loans with little risk of default.

This 20 page paper presents a literature review assessing the potential influence of nutrition and regular exercise are mental health patients. Benches were used as makeshift desks or exchange counters during the Renaissance by Jewish [10] Florentine bankers, who used to make their transactions atop desks covered by green tablecloths.

This began around BC in Assyria and Babylonia. A Review of Literature. Crescimanno ]; [Hudson ]; [Meadhra ]. Review of Literature related to. The literature review includes an examination of the concept of organizational commitment, how commitment may be gained and measured as well as different types of appraisals and how they impact on employees.

Literature review for banking sector

Maintain the central focus in the Introduction; Give a kind of insight into the relationship between the topic of your review and a larger study area e.

Bank It was emphasized that the use of computers changes the processing, storage, retrieval and communication of financial information and may affect the accounting and internal control systems employed by a bank.

Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Vol. The bibliography cites 18 sources. Recent Trends in Marketing Strategy in Banking… Indian banking sector historically passed through five stages: The concentration ratio of five-bank asset has turned down to 0. In most common law jurisdictions there is a Bills of Exchange Act that codifies the law in relation to negotiable instrumentsincluding chequesand this Act contains a statutory definition of the term banker: Use quotations, evidences, data, etc.

Litreature Review on Banking

Permitting the banks to select their lending rates and deposit, by liberalizing the interest rate rule. In other English common law jurisdictions there are statutory definitions of the business of banking or banking business.

A brief explanation of literature review is presented below. Data will be all those available for each bank for each year from to The sample had been collected from the 04 banks situated in Uttar Pradesh.

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Banks are able to develop and implement sophisticated risk, information management system and techniques with more powerful data storage and analysis technologies. In contrast, Gaps cannot be measured, but have diagnostic value.

Literature review on retail banking services

Reducing the statutory reserve necessities to the present levels of 25 for statutory liquidity ratios and 5 percent for cash ratios. Owing to IT, bank can offer new products and services.

Islamic Banking-Literature Review The proposed study will investigate the performance of Islamic banks in the Arab Gulf countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates) and the Middle East. 8 CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Internet Banking With the extensive technology innovation and telecommunications, we have seen new financial distribution channels increasing rapidly both in numbers.

between mobile banking and the financial performance of commercial banks in Kenya. The study recommends that the policy makers take mobile banking awareness creation into consideration when drafting policies on the operations of banks in Kenya. Literature Review Department of Communication Studies Literature Review Below is a review of literature on the uprising topic of employers using social media sites to screen current or potential employees.

Also included is a synopsis of the issue of privacy awareness along with the potential invasion of privacy.

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The review aims to add value to the current state of knowledge by critically evaluating the existing literature on employee engagement and providing a reflective stance on existing debates and findings.

Published: Thu, 08 Jun Mobile banking is defined as a provision and availment of mobile and bank services by using telecommunication device, the services may include keep in contact with bank to administer account and access customized information (Tiwari and Bus, ).

Litreature review on banking
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