Review of related literature and socio economic status

He therefore went further to state that instead of the students to help in one way or the other, in contributing to the building of the socio-economic status of the family, they rather engage in the festival of exploiting the available one and then constitute the bedrock behind downfall of the social economy of the family and such ineffective developments however affects many other factors.

Behavioral explanations during any type of IQ testing can help provide more information about the socioeconomic status and the personality characteristics.

The entry scores of the students were checked according to Student Selection and Placement Center lowest and highest values of student admittance to departments. Those that are in support of the testing see more of the advantages and those that do not support see the disadvantage side more.

Low SES students are more likely to have less qualified teachers, which is associated with their reading growth rates being significantly lower than the growth rates of their high socio-economic status.

The Socioeconomic Determinants of Crime. A Review of the Literature

Since socioeconomic status is defined by its indicators i. While high SES students consider investment in graduate education which help them achieve higher incomes and higher level of educational attainment. Import into RefWorks 1. In this study, it was determined that the socioeconomic status of the family and educational sources cultural composition of the family, level of education of the parents, educational situation of the siblings have an important effect on the student academic achievement in science [ 6 ].

It was found in the study conducted by The Program for International Student Assessment that those students with high school graduate mothers achieve more success than others Furthermore, those students with university graduate in OECD countries are more advantageous and obtain better results.

General contact details of provider: The opportunities that education affords to individuals and societies bring to the foreground the issues of quality and equality of opportunity in higher education.

Basically socio-economic class status dictates and labels where an individual or group of individuals lands financially and demographically in their culture. The level of education of the parents was indicated as: The effect of immigrant generation on smoking.

Factors associated with smoking in immigrants from non-western to western countries - what role does acculturation play. The geographical factors of the location of family residence also play a role in families giving their children a chance to participate in education.

Division of Work Investigated into Themes Within this paper, there is a breakdown of some of the works under investigation into themes with those in support and those against socio-economic class and intelligence testing.

Secondly, they concluded that socio-economic status of parents limit their participation and involvement in academic activities of their school going children.

Moreover, the higher education aspirations, and educational attainment level of students is also directed by the socioeconomic status of their parents. Journal of family psychology, 19 2For this reason, families with a lot of siblings may not send each of their children to school [ 30 ].

Socioeconomic status of parents and academic achievement of their children. Moreover, parents with heavier occupational commitments should be facilitated in terms of flexible meeting schedules.

Tob Control, ; 3: He used data of students aged 8 — 12 years and equally representing males and females, from national cross sectional study. The entry score values which did not fall into the Student Selection and Placement Center value range were excluded.

Socioeconomic status is the social standing or class of an individual or group. It is often measured as a combination of education, income and occupation.

Examinations of socioeconomic status often reveal inequities in access to resources, plus issues related to privilege, power and control. In a review of the impact of patient socioeconomic status on patient-physician communication, Willems et al.

28 concluded that communication is influenced in part by patients' communicative ability and style, which depend largely on education and other personal attributes.

Education contributes to more active communication, such as. The variables related to the family are not strong predicators. That education institutions prior to the higher education also accept students with a national exam has increased the homogeneity of the higher education student profile.

J. “Measurement of the socio-economic status of Australian higher education students” Higher Education. Socio-economic status (S ES) became stronger for individuals at the post-secondary level (Tr usty, ) because more family and individual resources are necessary to attain this level.

The effect of socio-economic status (SES) on the cognitive outcome of preterm-born children is unknown. The objectives of this study were to systematically review the published literature and to report the strength and consistency of the effect of SES on the cognitive outcomes of preterm children.

Review of literature on socio economic status

socioeconomic status and locus of control and a possible relationship between gender and locus of control. Review of the Literature Depression and Socioeconomic Status A review of past studies yielded a finding that people of lower socioeconomic.

Influence of Socio-Economic Status of Parents on Academic Performance Of Students Review of related literature and socio economic status
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Review of literature on socio economic status